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Quantity Surveying Services

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A quantity surveyor is a professional in the construction industry who is responsible for managing the cost and finances of construction projects. Here at Change, we believe they play a critical role in ensuring that a project is completed within budget and on time.


In the UK, quantity surveyors are highly valued for their expertise in cost management and their ability to provide financial advice to construction clients. The Change team pride ourselves in having a very experienced and knowledgeable approachable team of surveyors, who can work with you to offer cost and quantity surveyor services. 


What follows outlines the standard scope of work for a quantity surveyor, but we will work with you to agree the activities that are needed and are right for your project to set out a bespoke scope of service for your cost consultancy needs.

Pre-Construction and Post-Construction

So, what services does a quantity surveyor offer you ask?  The role can be divided into two main areas: pre-construction and post-construction. During the pre-construction phase, our quantity surveyors will work with architects and engineers to prepare cost estimates for a project.


This involves analysing plans and specifications, determining the cost of materials and labour, and developing a budget for the project.  Using a reputable firm like Change means you can have the benefit of cost data accumulated from other projects we have completed over the years and recent months. 


Our quantity surveyor will also provide you with advice on the most cost-effective construction methods and materials, and help to identify potential areas where costs can be reduced.

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Cost Management

Once construction has started, your quantity surveyor will work to monitor and control the costs of the project. Your QS will work with the contractor to ensure that the project is progressing as planned, and that the budget is being observed and monitored. Your Change Quantity Surveyor can also negotiate with suppliers to ensure that the project is receiving the best value for money. 


You may also need them to manage the payment of bills and to assist in making sure that all invoices are paid on time.  As Change is a small family of surveyors, we can work with you to find the scope of service that best suits your requirements and budget, whilst advising you on the fundamental cost consultancy activities required for your project.

Cost Reporting


One of the main responsibilities of a quantity surveyor is to produce regular cost reports for the client. These reports provide you with an up-to-date picture of the project's finances, including the total cost to date, the estimated cost at completion, and any cost overruns or underruns.  


The number of reports and the format of the reporting can be templated to address any personal or professional needs you.  E.g. bank monitor financial updates for the project.

The quantity surveyor will also be responsible for preparing final accounts, which provide a detailed record of the costs associated with a project. This information is important for both the client and the contractor, as it provides a basis for negotiating any disputes or claims that may arise during the course of the project.

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Another important role that Change provides is to manage the procurement of materials and services for the project. This involves preparing tender documents, evaluating bids from suppliers and subcontractors, and negotiating contracts. The quantity surveyor can be responsible for managing the delivery of materials and ensuring that they are of the correct quality and specification. They can also be responsible for monitoring the performance of suppliers and subcontractors, and for managing any disputes that may arise during the project.

In addition to their role in construction projects, our quantity surveyors  can also provide a wide range of other services. We can be involved in the preparation of feasibility studies, which assess the viability of a proposed construction project. We have also assisted in the management of facilities and assets, including the maintenance and upgrading of buildings and other structures. We can provide advice on construction insurance, including the preparation of insurance claims as well as completing Reinstatement Valuations that form part of insurers’ requirements.

The construction industry in the UK is highly regulated, at Change we adhere to strict professional standards. We have a strong understanding of construction law, including the terms and conditions of contracts, the procedures for dealing with disputes, and the rights and obligations of contractors and clients. We also have a good understanding of financial management and are able to prepare accurate cost estimates and budgets.

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Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS):

Change aligns our Cost Management, Project Management and Contract Administration services with RICS guidelines 

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