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Quantity Surveyor Scope of Services

A quantity surveyor is a professional in the construction industry who provides cost management services. They play a crucial role in ensuring the financial viability of a construction project by estimating costs, evaluating tenders, and managing budgets. The scope of services offered by a quantity surveyor can vary depending on the project requirements, but typically include the following:

  1. Cost Estimation and Budgeting: Quantity surveyors provide detailed cost estimates for construction projects based on their experience and knowledge of the construction industry. They use cost models, data analysis, and industry standard techniques to produce accurate cost estimates, which are essential for preparing project budgets.

  2. Tender Evaluation: Quantity surveyors are responsible for evaluating and recommending tenders from contractors. They review tender documents, including drawings and specifications, and ensure that the proposed costs are in line with the project budget. They also review the qualifications of the contractor and their proposed team, ensuring that the best value for money is achieved.

  3. Contract Administration: Quantity surveyors work with the project manager or the client, and the contractor to establish a detailed contract. They ensure that the terms of the contract are fair and reasonable, and that they comply with relevant laws and regulations. They also manage any changes to the contract and ensure that the parties are aware of their obligations.

  4. Cost Control and Monitoring: Quantity surveyors are responsible for monitoring the project costs and ensuring that they are in line with the budget. They track costs and provide regular reports to the project manager or client, highlighting areas where costs are exceeding expectations and suggesting solutions to bring them back on track.

  5. Claims Management: Quantity surveyors help to resolve disputes between the contractor and the client. They assist with preparing claims for additional work, prolongation claims, and other claims arising from the contract. They provide expert advice and support to ensure that the parties reach a fair and reasonable settlement.

  6. Life Cycle Costing: Quantity surveyors consider the long-term costs of a construction project and provide advice on the most cost-effective solutions. They assess the lifecycle costs of materials, equipment, and systems, and provide recommendations to reduce costs and improve sustainability.

  7. Project Feasibility Studies: Quantity surveyors provide project feasibility studies to determine the viability of a construction project. They consider the economic, social, and environmental factors that may impact the project and provide recommendations to ensure that the project is economically viable.

In conclusion, a quantity surveyor provides a wide range of services to ensure that construction projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required standard. They play a critical role in ensuring the financial viability of construction projects and are an essential part of the construction industry. With their expertise and knowledge, quantity surveyors ensure that construction projects are successful, and provide value for money for clients.

If you are interested in quantity surveying services and would like to speak to one of our team, please visit our quantity surveying services page and contact us.

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