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Do I Need a Quantity Surveyor to do Valuations For My Project?

When it comes to construction projects, one of the most important aspects is cost management, and this is where a quantity surveyor adds value. Quantity surveying valuations play a crucial role in determining the value of a construction project, be it for new construction or refurbishment work.

Valuations weigh several factors and consider multiple facets of a project, including labour costs, material costs, contingency fees, and time requirements. Accurately assessing these and other costs can be challenging, but it is essential for efficient project management and preventing unexpected expenses that can overrun a budget.

Our Quantity surveyors use both there common sense, experience of the market and sometimes software to estimate these costs and valuations. These cost management tools, provide detailed data breakdowns of each project phase, including site preparation and mobilisation, structure, HVAC, landscaping, internal finishes, and other expenses - to name a few.

Quantity surveyors can estimate of what each stage should cost in a project. This helps in identifying and mitigating nonessential or unanticipated expenses, ultimately resulting in more accurate valuations.

Accurate valuation assessments are also essential for resolving disputes. Disputes between clients and contractors are not uncommon in the construction industry. Quantity surveyors can aid with disputes by producing an exact retention value and payment amounts. This pivotal work helps settle potential disagreements and disputes between parties to save money, help prevent legal challenges, and maintain relationships.

In summary, quantity surveying valuations are necessary and crucial phases in construction that involve significant effort and skill. They ensure cost-effective practices and reduce recurring expenditures raising the likelihood of project success.

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