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The Hogarth Architects scheme at Estcourt Road is part of a small development in The Royal Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, of two unique two bedroom self-contained flats. The existing property at Estcourt Road was a two-storey end of terrace tyre shop with ancillary accommodation above. The TyreShop had wound down as a business and its use was a solitary one, with the immediate surrounding of the site being predominantly residential dwellings.

Hogarth Architects collaborated closely with their client and the developer to deliver the complete renovation the shop and the small existing flat above it. They designed an additional storey extension at roof level, extension to the rear of the existing property, and further excavation to the existing basement. The two new flats are spilt across basement and ground, and first and second floor.

The flats successfully cater to their surroundings. The lower flats colour palette and strategically placed light wells flood the basement with light – you wouldn’t know you were in a basement. The same goes for the upper flat, here we have taken advantage of the ample natural light and offset it with darker furnishings to create warm, welcoming and bright atmosphere.

Despite being a development, the interior design of the flats remains wonderfully individual, contemporary and tailored to their surroundings.  Hogarth Architects are committed to providing good design at any level, so even with restrictions on budget they hoped to provide something more than a totally blank canvas - this is perhaps most evident in their carefully chosen material palette.

Here at Change we think the design is a triumph.  Thank you Hogarth Architects for being another amazing contributor.

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