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Contract Administration

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The team at Change can act as Contract Administrator (CA).  The Contract Administator is of vital importance in a building project. The CA's duties include ensuring that the terms of the contract are properly executed between all parties, as well as making impartial decisions when conflicts arise.

The Role of the Contract Administrator

When Change carry out the multi-faceted responsibilities of a Contract Administrator, not only do we help manage and oversee contracts between parties, but must also remain impartial throughout the entire process. This impartiality is an essential component of our job, as it allows both parties to accurately trust in their decision-making process when differences may arise. 


Change has several experienced quantity surveyors with many years of Contract Administration experience that are proficient in understanding the different types of contract and procurement approaches, and are able to advise you of the best form for your project.

As well as an in-depth familiarity with the construction process, our Contract Administrators have the ability to manage and track change. They are also skilled in Project programming and critical path analysis,  necessary skills to ensure that pre-defined objectives are carried out efficiently within the guidelines of the contract.

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Once instructed Change CA’s would handle a range of duties. Such tasks include:

  • Chairing meetings

  • Inspecting the works to ensure quality assurance

  • Issue instructions, such as variations or change orders

  • Determine applications for extensions of time from contractors

  • Authorising interim payments to the contractor

  • Settling the adjusted contract sum (also known as final accounts)

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